WEEE Recycling

Why is recycling of ewaste important to us?

We want to reduce the ewaste sector as it is one of the fastest growing waste streams globally. If the ewaste is not handled correctly it might end up in third world countries doing harm to the local biodiversity and human health. At Contour Design, we have partered with Elretur a non-profit organisation handeling Ewaste in Denmark and EU.

What to do with outdated products that might still work?

Remember your old phone in the drawer? Yes? Well, keeping old technology can be a part of the e-waste problem. If devices are no longer working or the technology is obsolete it should be turned in for recycling so it can become new technology fitting to the features of the future. Our RollerMouse and SliderMouse pro is made from old technology such as Priner frames, Air Conditinor cases and Printer housings. This means that we have achived minimum 60% recycled content based on the total product weight.

Why should you help us recycling our products?

Recycling conservs the natural resources and energy used to produce the virgin materials. This supports both the global and local circular economy through the upstream and downstream patways of the materials and components.

Old batteries?

Most Contour Products contain rechargeble batteries, which means  that single use batteries are not to be changed everytime they run out of power. If you have a Contour products using non rechargeble batteries (e.g., AAA) then make sure that the batteries are disposed at your nearest recycling center at your conveniance. You can find the nearest recycling center by contacting your municipality.

What should be handed in for e-waste recycling?

You should take the product for recycling if it is marked with a crossed out wheeled bin, which means it is not suitable for incineration or landfill.