86% State that RollerMouse removed desk work related pain

Ask your employer for an ergonomic RollerMouse Red

Improve your posture at work

Created for your comfort

Futureproof your health

Why choose a RollerMouse Red

The RollerMouse Red is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain and promote healthier posture. Unlike a traditional mouse, which require users to move their hands back and forth to operate, the RollerMouse Red allows users to navigate the cursor from a neutral, central position right in front of the keyboard.

The unique design keeps your hand and wrist in a natural position, and the rollerbar allows for precise cursor control without having to move your hand back and forth. The built-in copy/paste buttons make it easy to quickly transfer text or images between applications, and the dedicated buttons for forward/backward navigation make web browsing a breeze.

Contour collaborates with the leading IT suppliers in the market that provide services to a wide range of companies. Check with your employer if you can get an ergonomic RollerMouse.